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Guardian API Partnership

Guardian API Partnership

Onederful announces a direct API partnership with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Our first release streamlines Eligibility & Benefits verifications for Guardian's providers and patients through Onederful's network of software clients. Providers are able to verify their patient's insurance directly in the software systems they use daily - no more accessing a separate provider portal or phone calls!

Onederful is partnering with dental carriers like Guardian to build for the future. APIs are transforming every major industry like banking and telecommunications, and it's no surprise as they are fast, accurate, secure, and reliably get data to where users are. By joining Onederful’s API ecosystem, insurance carriers can create the best, fully digital experience for their members. Patients don't receive a surprise bill, providers collect faster, and carriers don't receive phone calls - it's a win, win, win.

Insurance carriers interested in becoming a Onederful API partner can reach out here.

Onederful teams up with Principal® to automate insurance verifications

Onederful teams up with Principal® to automate insurance verifications

Let me describe the future of eligibility & benefits (E&B) verifications. Before a patient walks into a dental office, their E&Bs are automatically checked with the insurance carrier, and that information is populated directly into the provider’s software system.

The results are: No surprise bills for the patients, providers can collect faster and save time with manual phone calls, and insurance carriers save millions on call center costs.

Sounds like an impossible reality, right?

Today we announce the first step towards this reality. Onederful has teamed up with Principal® to enable 100% E&B information through an API to eliminate phone calls.

Onederful then standardized and transformed E&B data from Principal® to enable our network of software clients to easily connect to it.

The Onederful network of top practice management software companies, dental services organizations (DSOs), outsourced billers, dental offices and insurance experts provided feedback that they could receive close to 100% of E&B information when verifying patients, thereby eliminating a 30+ minute phone call to the carrier. Data such as full patient history, procedure code limitations, downgrades, and missing tooth clauses were all available through the API.

Principal® is the first of many carriers we are teaming up with to automate insurance verifications. We are building a new ecosystem to transform the dental industry. If you are an insurance carrier interested in partnering with Onederful to eliminate phone calls, please reach out to karen@onederful.co.

Dental insurance from Principal® is issued by Principal Life Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA 50392.